This is what you can expect from our fine raiding crew.

Raid Info

  • Wednesday and Sunday: 6 - 9 server. (Show up at 5:45)

    • 5min breaks every hour.

  • We provide supplies, but you should donate to the war effort.

  • Normal on farm first, then Heroic and Mythic.

Open Positions

We are currently recruiting for a main tank and main healer. There really are not any more stringent requirements for these positions other than don't suck and show up super reliably. Feel free to reach out to an officer (Grant, Franklin, or Wilson ranks) to inquire about the status of these positions.

If you are interested in these positions you should be fully prepared to fill in a dps spot especially as you try out.

We are always recruiting for dps, and also a bonus if you can help us out by being a sub tank or healer when needed, but read the raid roster for details about when or how people get benched.

Raid Commandments

  1. Thou shalt put no orders before Zabeck's.

  2. Thou shalt not put parses before mechanics.

  3. Thou shalt not stand in the fire, thine cast is never more important than moving (you think it is, it's not, fucking move thine-self!)

  4. Thou shalt use thine calendar to alert the powers that be of thine attendance.

  5. Thou shalt log on fifteen minutes prior to raid time.

  6. Thou shalt direct all grievances and concerns to the officers, be they about gear, thine brethren, or the fight.

  7. Thou shalt not catch pokemon during raid... Rah.

  8. Thou shalt have fun playing this game, and not take it too seriously.

  9. Thou shalt not be an ass, refer to commandment 8.

  10. Thou shalt not release thine spirit from thine crumpled corpse until told to do so.

  11. Thou shalt ask clarifying questions of the fight prior to dying like a bitch and possibly wiping the raid.

  12. Jimmy shalt not research nor clear trash.

Raid Roster

Generally: Here at Legal Tender, we feign legitimate interest in each and everyone of you. We thus strive to make each of you feel like you are part of the family™ . That part that we hope to only see at reunions, and even then only briefly. That being the case, we have a lot of family™ , and a lot of family™ that wants to raid. That being the case we cannot always bring each and everyone to every raid.

If you are interested in joining the raiding family™, please alert an officer and you will be added to the invites. Then use the in game calendar to let us know if you can make a raid. We will begin populating the raid roster off of that calendar, so it is of the utmost importance to mark your attendance.

We will take as many people as we can sustain. This means as many dps as can carry their weight, and as many healers as we have dps. There is a ratio to this, so we have to maintain that balance to make any semblance of progress. We can take a maximum of thirty people, and will cycle people in per day, week, or hour as necessary. We want to bring everyone we can, but have to be fair to those trying to progress.

We don't like benching people but it is necessary at times. Most of us have been benched before. Please be patient and persistent and we will get you in. Remember we all started somewhere, but this is a team effort and we have to focus on the guild.

Heroic: This ups the ante. We will have to be much more particular about who we invite. You should have proved yourself through performance, attendance, and just being a swell guildee in normal. We will have to enforce a minimum output and mechanical aptitude. As we move into farming, we can loosen up on these requirements.

Mythic: Ah, the end goal. We need 20. We will take the best 20 that we can muster. You want this spot you need to work for it. Mechanics are far more important than dps (there is a high minimum) and being a not being a dick is probably the biggest requirement. This IS hard, and will be frustrating at times, hunker down and help out.

Gear Rules

Legal Tender uses a combination of personal loot, loot counsel and the honor system. If you loot it and need it, you get to keep it, congratulations! Now let's define "need." Need, means for your main spec and you are going to use right meow; not your off-spec, not your slut-mog, not just in case. If it's not one of these, you don't need it. In which case you give it to Velkin.

Upon receiving said item we shall post the item in a raid warning. If you need (see above) that item, link what you are replacing into raid chat. Then through complicated, proprietary algorithms, the piece of gear shall be appropriately and infallibly redistributed. If it's a ring, trinket, or you dual wield, link both items.

If no one needs (see above) we will have those who want the piece for slut-mog or off-spec roll on the item. Highest gets it. In the event of a tie, you will probably have to luche fight or compete in some other demeaning contest for it.

We value the honor system. You trust us (your obligated to) so we trust you to be fair to your fellow guild mates. If you abuse this process we will strip it away and go back to master looter.

***Azerite gear. We are treating this like set pieces. If you are linking for Azerite gear, please also specify how many current-raid Azerite pieces you already have. We want everyone to have access to the raid traits, whether you choose to use it or not.

Why Blizzard? Why do you make it hard for us? So residuum... in an effort to help everyone get gear, we are banning rolls on Azerite pieces. You must still provide the gear to Velkin to redistribute, but if no one NEEDS the gear, we will return it to whomever gave it to us so they can scrap it for the Duum. This is us meeting everyone half way with the shit Blizzard does. Do NOT abuse this! Do not keep the gear just to scrap it. Do not say you need it just to scrap it. If we find out anyone is abusing this we will knock you so far down the loot priority list, it will be nearly impossible for you to ever get gear from us again. For clarification the gear priority list is roughly:

1. Corruption.

2. Those who actually Need the gear.

3. Slut-mog/alts/offspec

4. Shards

5. Guild Gold

6. Danzit's welfare payments

7. Huumi's fat fat Bronto fund

8. Loans for Para's repair bills

9. Giving the piece to Hesi because the sims show that there is a non-zero chance that under ideal situations it could increase his parse by at least .0001.

10. Propping up that vendor in old Dalaran who sells shit outside the bank that Jimmy sold both Warglaives of Azzinoth to.

11. Jimmy downloading and learning how to use the programs or software necessary to take a video of him actually destroying a piece of gear that you could use, to post it to the website and laugh at you. Not destroy like use for shards or his own residuum.... like dragging it to the void, typing in destroy, and popping dic over it.

12. You after you abuse the rules.

Blue Bubba is about to Die!™

Make sure to checkout Blue Bubba rules.