Raid update for Shadowlands - 2021

Legal Tender has always been a place of refuge for the bon vivants, pirates and free spirited folk alike. Over the years we've welcomed people from all walks of life into the fold at Legal Tender because like us before them, Azeroth is our chosen home away from home. Here at Legal Tender, you'll find a longstanding community of regular raiders. As the expansions have rolled on, that group has only grown in size. At the release of Shadowlands, we had over 40 plus players looking to experience the newest raid content.

So after some thought and debate on the matter to how to best cater to everyone. We've decided to establish two raid teams to provide the varied experiences that all of our guild members are looking for in their end game content. For the first time in Legal Tender's history, we are establishing a second raid that we're calling the "Progression Team" whose goal is to take on the most challenging content that Blizzard builds for us. If you're reading this as someone who considers themselves a more casual player but who still wants to see the end game raid content. Then we encourage you to join us in our Casual Raid group! Please see below for the details on both the new raids groups.

This is what you can expect from our fine raiding crews. A kill is kill ;)

Progression Team Raid Info

  • Wednesday and Sunday: 5:45 - 9 server (PST)

    • 5 min break every hour.

  • Specific expectations and requirements to meet. See below.

  • We provide supplies, but you should donate to the war effort (aka guild bank).

  • Focused on Heroic difficulty then a strong push into Mythic.

  • Led by the Main Tank Cootles.

  • Not needed loot will be distributed by loot council.

Casual Group Raid Info

  • Wed and Sunday 6 - 9 server (PST) (Suspended as of 3/3/21 until next raid)

    • 5 minute break every hour.

  • We welcome anyone who wants to see raid content!

  • We will Pug players from the group finder to fill out roles as needed.

  • This team will follow the old strategy of getting Normal on farm before moving to Heroic, then finally Mythic.

  • Led by the Master himself, Zabeck.

  • Loot sharing is encouraged among guild members! Loot will be rolled for to speed up its distribution.

Casual Raid Group - More Info

(Suspended as of 3/3/21 until next raid)

The Legal Tender casual raid group is open to everyone who would like to experience end game content in a friendly and supportive environment. This group of people will be led by an officer of Legal Tender, or if one is not available, a progression raid team member. This group's goal is to enjoy World of Warcraft's end game content in casual manner. Since we will be taking all who wish to come out and and join this group, we may need to recruit players outside of the guild through the premade raid group finder tool to fill certain roles for a balanced raid.


  • We ask that you treat your guild members with respect at all times! Remember that as a member of Legal Tender you represent the guild. If we happen to play with people outside of our guild then we would hope that you treat them with the same level of respect that you would like to be treated with.

  • This raid group is open to questions of all kinds! Don't be shy. Let us know who you are and what brought you to Azeroth in the first place!

  • Communication with your guild mates is encouraged!


  • Please come fully prepared and ready to raid! (consumables will be provided by the guild as well)

  • Level 60 character with a minimum ilvl of TBD

  • A willingness to learn :)


How should I apply to be part of this team!

  • No application is necessary! Just speak with an officer to be added to the invite to the next upcoming raid.

How does gear distribution work?

  • We encourage you sharing the gear you get but do not need with guild members! One person will be collecting unwanted gear and then we will be rolling for each piece, one at a time.

Progression Team - More Info

(Suspended as of 9/22/21 until ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

We are now actively recruiting to fill a set roster of 26 players whose main goal is to push as far as their abilities allow into end game raid content. Our aim with every raid instance is to push through Heroic and then into Mythic content (we will clear normal if it is the first raid in a new expansion). The content here is hard and requires a focused state of concentration and execution with little to no forgivability. The raiders who push into this type of content can expect a certain play performance from their peers. Communication, support for one another, and a team based mentality will help us thrive as we take on these new harder challenges.


  • First and foremost we want to have fun! Please feel free to be yourself at all times. However, keep in mind that this team's goal is to overcome hard challenges that can be frustrating at times. We will strive to keep a Positive Mental Attitude as we work to build muscle memory and execute certain difficult boss mechanics. We are expecting each of our members to speak to each other with respect. We will welcome mistakes and failures and understand that each one of us is only human and they will happen. We expect you to learn from them and overcome these challenges in time with repeated practice.

  • At the times that we do find ourselves stuck. We will not shy away from addressing the source of our failures. Whether you are a seasoned officer in the guild or a brand new member to the guild and the Progression Team. You will be expected to take direction and evaluate your own performance from time to time. There will be instances when each and everyone one of us will be given some pointers or specific directions to follow. People may need to be swapped in and out to accommodate the fight or give us the best chance to get a new kill. Know that this is always for the betterment of the group as a whole and is not meant to discomfort or offend anyone personally.

  • By applying to join this team, you are consenting to conduct yourself in a manner that will uphold the raid atmosphere laid out above. Please see Personal Responsibility under the requirements below for more details as well.


  • Attendance: We ask that you are an active player who can make 80% of all the scheduled raids. We understand real life situations come up that are unavoidable sometimes and that's okay. If you cannot commit to at a minimum of an 80% attendance level however, then we will not be able to invite you to join this team.

  • Preparation: We ask that you come to raid prepared. Your character should be fully repaired and have plenty of the appropriate consumables on hand for your class/spec. We expect you to do outside research on your class and role for the boss fights of whichever raid we are currently engaged in.

  • Addons: We will be requiring specific addon applications to World of Warcraft as a prerequisite for this raid team.

    • DBM/Big Wigs - boss mechanic timers. Our guild prefers DBM but the choice is yours.

    • Weak Auras - weak auras add visional signals of mechanics and buffs/debuffs, there are also many pre-made weak auras out there to help with track class damage rotations and cool downs.

    • GTFO - get the fuck out, auditory cue when you are standing in something you should not be.

    • ERT - Exorsus Raid Tools for CD tracking, diagrams and management of the boss fights.

    • RCLootCouncil - this is the loot addon we use to do the loot council to redistribute unwanted loot.

  • Parse %: We ask that your level of play and comfortability with your specific class is at a level where you can parse in the 40 percentile range at a minimum. We are looking for strong players who can execute their role (tank/healer/dps) while also executing boss mechanics. We also encourage you to apply if you are a new player or someone who wants to strongly improve at their class and will take feedback and help.

  • Personal Responsibility: Joining this team is joining a group of like minded people who want to play as part of a team that strives for success. If you choose to over indulge in assholery, alcohol or anything else that will bring down the team as a whole. You will be asked to leave the raid and your position on this team will be evaluated. Be a team player and set yourself and your teammates up for success.


Where and how should I apply to be part of this team!?

  • Scroll down for the google form to submit an application.

What is parse % ? How do I check mine?

    • Parse % is an analytical breakdown of an individual players performance on any given boss fight. Please visit and search your characters name to find a breakdown of your past performances.

You can track your performance? Is there I way I can get better at my class or spec?

What if I don't have parses yet because I'm on a new character or recently started playing the game?

  • Please reach out to our roster manager Sneezus to schedule another way we can evaluate your performance. There are alternatives in applying without recorded Parse percentages.

If I am accepted onto this team am I guaranteed a spot in every raid?

  • By committing to at least an 80% attendance level. Legal Tender Progression Raid Team will also commit to including you in at least 80% of our raids. With a roster of 26 raiders and a cap on Mythic content of 20 people. We will not be able to bring everyone on the team to ever raid night.

How does gear distribution work?

  • If you receive a piece of gear that is an upgrade to you, congratulations, ! You keep it. However, if you are not going to use the gear, it will be redistributed through a loot council system. Cootles, Huumi, and select others make up the loot council for this team. Our aim is to be fair and spread loot around as equally as possible.

Legal Tender Progression Roster