Furious pussy paws of fire batman, it's Huumi! Between napping, fucking, doing that creepy cat-leg thing and other druid stuff, he's pretty damn good dps. Just keep him away from fire, ledges, and Jessica Biel. One of the most helpful and useful of the guild, and he didn't pay me to type that. If you mess up the guild bank he will let Dansit have his way with you. Hell, he may even watch.


Augur, Prophet, All-Seer, The Nostradamus of Legal Tender. Rahzac bears many titles due to his foresight of guild activity. Through arcane magic he has seen the future, and his predictions have yet to be proven false. When Rahzac speaks of days yet to come it is wise to heed his wisdom.


Raid Leader and conjurer of closets. Zabeck is your lifeline to getting around Azeroth, as long as there are people to do the summoning for him. Zabeck will send the entire raid to their death if it pleases him, and then admit that he did not soulstone the healer, meaning that you now have to run back.


THE Thunder from Down Under, the one man army, the unintelligible, the Die Hard of vaso-partiers, the one and only Danzit! Carries out the various and likely felonious punishments of the guild with a sadistic smile and a half chub. Also likes pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, and macrame.


Need someone murdered in an obscure locale? Tvalean is your man. The newest to bear the title of officer, Tvalean has yet to earn his unique titles, but one day you too will sing of his accomplishments. Hell, violate any guild rules, and some day you might even BE one of his accomplishments.


Do we even need another officer? Maybe its you? Maybe we dont?


(AKA the relics who abandoned us)


Corrupt Triumvir, Raid Leader, Hugonaut, and disappointing lover, he is truly a man for all seasons. The dick you want to suck for a raid spot, just don't end up on his shit list. Probably better to ask him than not asking at all. Possibly bi-polar, but certainly volatile, and the most likely to say something inappropriate involving sex-blood. He's not an idiot, he's just.... no yeah, he's an idiot.


He's not mad he's just disappointed, because you stood in the fire like a scrub and he let you die because he controls the powers of life and death. The most likely to start a cult and be seen on the five o'clock news. Probably doesn't have a trunk full of skulls buried in the former Uzbekistan, and probably the single most on the ball of the lot. Absolutely not the evil puppet-master of everything.


Legend has it that there was indeed once a third member of the Triumvirate. A dense warlock of unequal warlocky-ness. Those same legends state that at the height of his power he rode his void-berry (named rascal) straight into a newly opened Golden Corral. All that remained was an insatiable vortex. Some say he is still eating there to this day, waiting to bankrupt that location and return.