Blue Bubba is about to Die!™

What is it: A fun meta game where you are allowed to be a dick to your fellow guildees in fun, guild-sanctioned ways.

How to Play: Kill your brethren! Anytime in a raid that we are not fighting a boss you can attempt to kill other members of the raid. You will get points per successful kill. But, be sure to avoid killing Jimmy or causing a wipe, because you will lose all points. Bounties give extra points. You get double points if you say "<class color> <person> is about to die" right before it.

  • Any raider: 1 point

  • Designated bounty for the night: 2 points

  • Bubba: 4 points

  • Bigbambi: 3 points

  • Huumi: 2 points

  • Rahzac: -5

  • Zabeck: Lose all points

  • Wipe: Lose all points and possibly your raid spot (high stakes!)

But how do I kill them if we are in the raid together? I hear your un-creative self asking. Plenty of ways! That's the fun of Blue Bubba is about to Die!™. Get a swapblaster! Redirect on to the targets! Tricks of the trade! Get them to ride you and jump off a ledge! There is plenty of family™ friendly fun in Blue Bubba is about to Die!™ .

Careful though, if the bounties turn the table on you, I'll award them double points and mock you mercilessly for your ineptitude.

During a boss fight if you see someone do something idiotic and is about to die from it you can also call "<class color> <person> is about to die" but its high stakes. It will award normal points, but if they don't die you lose that many points. Also if you call this and cause the person to die, or inadvertently by calling this cause a wipe then you lose all points, have to pay the guild bank 10,000 gold, have to personally apologize to everyone in the raid and might lose your spot. Risky.

What you win: The joy the comes with playing meta-games with your family™ ! Probably other stuff, we are working on it.

Blue buba