Legal Tender

Welcome to the Legal Tender Guild - Lightbringer website. The purpose of our guild webpage is to keep everyone properly informed of the activities and direction of your favorite last chance guild. Check the calendar in-game and join us on one of our raid teams or at other fun Shenanigans events! Learn more about those people you are forced to like! Have the dubious honor of being featured on the front page below! Welcome to Legal Tender!

Current State of Affairs

History of the Guild

In the oft forgotten days after the Cataclysm, Blizzard in it's infinite wisdom saw it fit to gift the World of Warcraft with guild perks. The single most important one, was a perk called cash flow. Seeing this perk, three degenerates crawled out of their guildless mire and congealed around a single thought: what if we persuaded other guildless saps into joining us and then split the cash flow profit between us, like a pyramid scheme?... Legal Tender was born.

Thus started the golden age where the three never-forgotten leaders grew fat off of others (well two grew fat, one grew fatter.) But alas, the golden age quickly transitioned into the darkest times.... Seeing what they had wrought, Blizzard took cash flow from these pioneers of industry. We call these dark times... the Mists of Pandaria. Around this time, some uppity rabble started asking questions... like "do you guys actually do anything... you know, like raid?" Sensing fresh opportunity these pioneers replied "totally, we totally raid... we just don't have enough people!" Suddenly! Out of the Mists and quagmire of our little great money machine of times past..... six more people and an Aussie said they were interested in raiding....and it rest is lost to history.

Many moons and a Golden Corral later, the guild has turned into what it is today: a grubby silver beacon to those what seek to raid and see other end game content. The days of the Triumvirate have passed however. Our once fearless leaders Velkin, Jimmylegs and Fettid have left Azeroth to pursue careers and start families. We wish them well! and thank them for what they have passed down to us.

Today the guild has over 900 members and is the largest and only surviving raiding guild representing the Horde on the Lightbringer server.

The Golden Jimmy

An honor once bestowed by and named after our original raid leader Jimmylegs. The Golden Jimmy award of the night/week/raid tier is given to that team member that goes above and beyond in their execution and game play to wow and empress their peers. Not given often, The Gold Jimmy is one of the most coveted honors one could receive in Legal Tender! Will you be the next of us to snag one!?